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I have been working with Earth Heritage Trust to redevelop their existing WordPress website for the past 12 months.

The Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust exists to identify and survey geological and geomorphological sites in the two counties and to promote the establishment and protection of Local Geological Sites (formerly known as RIGS) by creating and maintaining a database and by close liaison with the local planning authorities, wildlife trusts, natural history societies, schools and colleges, industry, landowners and those who are interested in Earth Science.

The former website was using an older version of WordPress and did not meet the criteria for Google. The site was not user friendly to navigate, used a basic shopping cart that did not calculate shipping or packaging weight or protected by any SSL certificate, it was not mobile friendly and most of the existing content was in pdf format. With no analytic data to work from, it was difficult to access the acquisitions or audience behaviour.

This was a massive undertaking to redevelop the Earth Heritage Trust website. The trustee’s had a clear idea of design, so the large part of this project was to extract and convert the content into a more logical structure, identifying key pages for SEO, redirecting old but relevant content to new pages, create a simple, but effective design for several trustee’s to manage.

The main focus of the development was to restructure over 1000+ pages of content to be easily read from any device, submit an entirely new sitemap without losing any page ranking for this age domain. The page authority alone has increased from 6 to 36 since the relaunch of the site.

The entire site now interacts directly with their social media accounts, a full google tag manager setup to track social media campaigns, ecommerce events and fully integrated with Google Adwords.

The Earth Heritage Trust can now manage latest reports, news articles, events, take donations, invite volunteers and have a fully automatic shopping area to manage product stock levels.

This month has seen a complete 360 on how their audience visit the site, visitors viewing from their mobile device have now overtaken desktop users for the first time in the website history and massive ongoing increase with impressions reaching over 15,000 a month.

Without a doubt this was more than just a simple redesign. The Earth Heritage Trust is several sites rolled into one, with all the bells and whistles. Automated on the fly image optimiser into webp format, event tagging, seo rebuild and so much more…

Client: Earth Heritage Trust

Category: Web Design, Web Development

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