national heritage rebranding

At CNS Media I design and develop new business branding and occasionally get the opportunity to re-brand existing clients. National Heritage Training Group, is undergoing a rebranding and a new marketing strategy before the launch of their new website.

This is a highly recognisable logo across its own industry. The board of directors are looking to have a brand style similar to the well represented has the  English Heritage. The challenge is to create a brand keeping many of the same elements, but so the brand can be used on all printed and digital materials, be highly versatile on all printed stock at any size.
As with all my branding creativity, I usually produce a series of logos which represent the industry, select a series of fonts and colour pallets based on the brainstorming process. Once the client has decided on some of the aspects and branding ideas it is reproduced in Adobe Illustrator so the vector can be manipulated and show cased on various real life mockups to see how the brand can work.